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Oh, it's so quiet in here.

This is easily my oldest social media account. Next year, on June 30, my eldest spawn turns 6 and this journal turns 14. Fuck.

I really hope they don't delete LiveJournal, but it's not looking good. Most communities are really inactive and I'm a sad, sad panda.

My friends list has tumbleweeds bouncing about. Who is around? How are you?
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No more Uterus!!!

I had a hysterectomy on Friday. I said 'au revoir' to my uterus and cervix. I thought 'yay! no more Pap Smears, but then I learned that I will still have to have 'vaginal vault smears.' Ugh.

I'm SUPER EXCITE! No more hideous cramps. No more flooding. No more anemia! It's going to be totally worth all the pain of an abdominal hysterectomy (recovery similar to a c-section).

The uterus is gone. The baby is two. Maybe it's time to sell the pram on Gumtree.
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My baby goes to SCHOOL now. What the fuck?

Mind. Blown.

At four and a half Rose begins her first day at school.

Look at the cuteness. Oh my Gawd!

I wasn't too emotional, I was too caught up in Rose's delirious excitement. If she'd cried, I probably would have, but she was like 'I'm too busy getting stuck in to even notice you leaving, Mummy!' I think it will be worse when Lily starts, being my littlest baby.

So what else is news? I'm having a hysterectomy. Sending my reproductive tract into early retirement (keeping my ovaries though). Looking forward to it. My uterus gave me two fucking awesome kids, but she also puts me through torture. Over two weeks out of 28 days are spent in pain, bleeding, or both. Even during my pregnancy she was like 'seeing as though you won't be having periods for a long while, Imma gonna cramp up constantly EVERY DAY! You'll constantly think you're in labour! You won't be able to even walk without triggering cramps by the end! Oh, and my buddy Right Ovary has a cyst the size of a large orange for you! YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHERFUCKERRRRR!'

So there's that.

Eeeeeee can't wait to pick up Rose from school *Squeeeeeeeee!*
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Neglecting my journal, as usual.

Not so long ago, I wrote about Baby 1 turning one. Now Baby 2 is almost one. Slooooow down, time, y u go so fast?

I'm doing a lot better with the Post Natal Depression stuff. It's been a long road. And on top of that, I might have Crohn's Disease. Pooooop.

I should spend more time here. LJ is pretty pimped out these days.
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My poor little neglected Livejournal

I've been waaaaaay too lazy to post, but I don't want LJ to be all like INACTIVE, LET'S DELETE THIS SHIT. It's my shit!

Maybe I'll come back and post, but right now I really can't be fucked. Too pregnant. Too fucking tired and definitely too fucking lazy!
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Today ...

... my little girl turned one. Squeeeeeeee! She has kept me so busy that I've been neglecting my poor LJ (luckily Child Services don't care about a neglected LJ lol). It's been an amazing year, here's to many more :)

Will come back and do a proper update with an epic pic-spam huzzah.
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I seriously wish ...

... that the fucking Australian Media, would shut the FUCK up about Shane Warne and Liz Hurley.

For those not in the know, Liz Hurley has decided to hook up with Australian Cricketer Shane Warne. Extremely ill-advised, considering that he is a) one of the biggest douches in the country and b) lacks the right amount of blood to operate his brain and dick simultaneously (he's our answer to Tiger Woods). Appearance wise, he's not exactly a good catch (oooooh look, Tam made a cricket pun), and I cannot imagine that he has THAT much cashola, so for the life of me I cannot see the appeal.

So apparently, these two have been all-over twitter like ... well, one of those suspect rashes that he no doubt has. Liz decided come out to Australia for a two-week-long bootay call, and the Australian media have jizzed in their collective pants over this HURLey worthy hook-up. They are following them around with helicopters. Prior to her arrival, the journos staked-out his Melbourne pad, and went BATSHIT INSANE when a new mattress turned up. This damned thing was all over the news. HEAD-DESK.

Nevermind that a far more interesting story has been developing (the resignation of Egyptian President Mubarak), oh nooooooo, we have to see what Liz and Shane got up to at some golf club.

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