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Tam the squishable kitten
WARNING: This journal may be hazardous to your health ...
Welcome to Tamgerineland
Do you like stuff? I like stuff. Also? My cat's breath smells like cat food.

So, what do you fucking want to know about me? Probably not much, but here we go ...

☆ I'm 34. THIRTY FUCKING FOUR. I was what, 20 when I created this journal? Fuck.
☆ I'm married with two kids. Don't tell my husband, they were sired by Satan himself.
☆ I like to draw and make arty-farty-crafty shit
☆ I'm a short-ass (but not so short that I can't make fun of midgets wearing pirate shirts)
☆ My bewbs deserve their own post-code (but let me tell you internets, big knockers fucking SUCK)
☆ I say 'fuck' a lot
☆ I love cats - seriously, they fucking win at everything, especially the internets
☆ I think that farts are funny, c'mon, you gotta laugh when your three year old tells you she has bubbles in her bum
☆ I really like cheese and I'm lactose intolerant. Reason #43984 God either a) doesn't exist or b) is a complete asshole
☆ I live in Brisbane, Australia (I really miss Melbourne :( )
☆ I would totally wear a Snuggie without shame (because I *HAVE* no shame!)
☆ I'm a dag and I give no fucks .... NONE
☆ If you pass out while getting drunk with me, I'll probably draw a penis on your face

Updated Dec 2015

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